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The side effects of a five-times bilateral electric shock therapy were clinically and computer-tomographically investigated. A connection exists between the number of electric shock treatments which are carried out and the expression of a transitory organic psychosyndrome. However, no significant differences in relation to the initial findings were(More)
The RKHS-based optimal image interpolation method, presented by Chen and de Figueiredo (1993), is applied to scattered potential field measurements. The RKHS which admits only interpolants consistent with Laplace's equation is defined and its kernel, derived. The algorithm is compared to bicubic spline interpolation, and is found to yield vastly superior(More)
Measurement of heart rate variability was performed in 106 healthy volunteers and 31 alcoholics. The mean momentary arrhythmia (MMA) of normal individuals showed an exponential decrease with increasing age. Cardiac autonomic neuropathy was found in 5 of 31 alcoholics. In agreement with the concept of hyperexcitability the withdrawing alcoholics had a(More)
In order to investigate the hypothesis that language-impaired children also show deficits in memory, 110 language-impaired and 123 children showing no such impairments (average age 10;0 yrs.) were tested for verbal memory and selecting attention through a matching familiar figures test. As an additional measure, teachers assessed the children, using DSM(More)
A correct diagnosis of progressive muscle dystrophy type Duchenne is important for consultation of the family of patients. The muscles of neck, shoulder, back, pelvis and legs of 23 patients were examined by computed tomography. The density of selected muscles were measured and compared with that of normal probands. Typical changes in the density-pattern(More)