Robert Daley

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Metastatic lesions to the bones of the foot occurred in three elderly patients. Biopsy established the diagnosis in a 90-year-old woman. In a 72-year-old man and a 79-year-old man, the diagnosis was possible from roentgenographic features. In the latter, biopsy of an additional osseous metastatic site established the diagnosis. A thorough review of the(More)
Peripheral defects in the proximal tibia can be difficult to treat during total knee arthroplasty. Attempts can be made to solve the problem with cement, cement with screws, bone grafts, metal wedges, and custom components. In vitro testing has shown that a custom-augmented prosthesis with a built-up metal wedge is mechanically superior in resisting(More)
One approach to the design of intelligent autonomous robots is through evolutionary computation. In this approach, the robot's behavior is evolved through a process of simulated evolution, applying the Darwinian principles of survival-of-the-fittest and inheritance-with-variation to the development of the robot's control programs. In previous studies, we(More)
The use of a primary prosthetic replacement such as an Austin-Moore hemi-arthroplasty in patients sustaining fractures of the femoral neck has been associated with increased post-operative medical morbidity and mortality. A retrospective review was performed using the medical records of patients greater than 59 years of age who sustained femoral neck(More)
This paper considers the performance of Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) in the presence of impulse noise in terms of data errors. Impulse noise is one of the biggest impairments for xDSL systems. An analysis of error statistics of transmitted data for two popular versions of xDSL - ADSL and SHDSL - is reported here. On the basis of a recent novel impulse(More)
The purpose of this multi-surgeon study was to assess and compare the accuracy of acetabular component placement, leg length discrepancy (LLD), and global offset difference (GOD) between six different surgical techniques and modes of guidance in total hip arthroplasty (THA). A total of 1980 THAs met inclusion criteria. Robotic- and navigation-guided(More)
  • Robert Daley, Stephen J Greeny, Maria Milosavljevicz, Sandra Williamsy
  • 1998
With the increasing importance of Web publishing there has been considerable interest in the production of virtual documents on demand The bulk of this work has used existing documents annotated with meta data as a source We suggest that more exibility and functionality can be obtained if virtual documents are generated instead from raw data This capability(More)
The two main treatment options for total hip arthroplasty (THA), medical management and surgical intervention, have advantages and disadvantages, creating a challenging decision. Treatment decisions are further complicated in a younger population (≤50) as the potential need for revision surgery is probable. We examined the relationship of selected variables(More)