Robert D Woodson

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Human neonates (average age, 36 hours) discriminated three facial expressions (happy, sad, and surprised) posed by a live model as evidenced by diminished visual fixation on each face over trials and renewed fixations to the presentation of a different face. The expressions posed by the model, unseeen by the observer, were guessed at greater than chance(More)
A laboratory and a field experiment used within-subject designs to test the hypothesis that nonnutritive sucking (NNS) reduces heart rate (HR) in preterm infants. Infants in Experiment A were provided a standard pacifier nipple for 30 min under strictly controlled conditions. In the field Experiment B, nursing staff provided infants with a standard pacifier(More)
University of Florida (Quality control laboratory for platelet and white cell counting) ABSTRACT A variety of patient and product related factors influenced the outcome of 6,379 transfusions given to 533 patients in the Trial to Reduce Alloimmunization to Platelets (TRAP Trial). Responses measured were platelet increments, interval between platelet(More)
O(2) transport and O(2) diffusion interact in providing O(2) to tissue, but the extent to which diffusion may be critical in the heart is unclear. If O(2) diffusion limits mitochondrial oxygenation, a change in blood O(2) affinity at constant total O(2) transport should alter cardiac O(2) consumption (VO(2)) and function. To test this hypothesis, we(More)
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