Robert D. Sherwood

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Production of vaccine antigens in plants has received considerable attention over the last decade. However, despite many antigens being expressed in plant systems, and promising efficacy data with rodent models, few vaccine candidates have advanced into studies in non-human primates or human clinical trials. Here, we report on the transient expression of(More)
A new approach to mission operations will be flight validated on NASA’s New Millennium Program Deep Space One (DS1) mission scheduled to launch in October of 1998. The beacon monitor technology is an operational concept for reducing deep space mission operations cost and decreasing the loading on ground antennas. The technology is required for upcoming NASA(More)
The group 1 pathogenesis-related (PR-1) proteins have long been considered hallmarks of hypersensitive response/defense pathways in plants, but their biochemical functions are still obscure despite resolution of the NMR/X-ray structures of several PR-1-like proteins, including P14a (the prototype PR-1). We report here the characterization of two basic PR-1(More)
A dimeric PR-1-type pathogenesis-related protein (PR-1-5), recently identified in wheat, was found to interact with Stagonospora nodorum ToxA in both yeast two-hybrid and co-immunoprecipitation assays. Site-specific mutational analyses revealed that the RGD motif of ToxA is not targeted by PR-1-5, whereas two surface-exposed asparagine residues are(More)
iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I have been very fortunate over the five years of my graduate work to have been the recipient of support, guidance, and encouragement from a large number of friends, colleagues, and family. The ir generosity and wise words ha ve helped me in innumerable ways and made my experience at Vanderbilt both memorable and rewarding. accepted me(More)
Many uses of technology fall short of their potential because they are not embedded in appropriate teaching contexts. This paper considers the concept of idealized contexts, defined as Havens, and discusses various components of Havens that can facilitate comprehension and learning. These components include the opportunity to learn in semantically rich(More)
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