Robert D. Nolker

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As more and more people join online communities, the ability to better understand membersý roles becomes critical to preserving and improving the health of those communities. We propose a novel approach to identifying key members and their roles by discovering implicit knowledge from online communities. Viewing an online community as a social network(More)
Software is developed in a dynamic context where team structure, requirements, and processes evolve together with the product. Although researchers have been studying the evolution of software systems since the early 70s, the study on the evolution of software development teams remains rare. Such evolutionary patterns and their impact on software quality(More)
In this study, we look at beginning to explore roles and how individuals fill those roles in face-to-face and online social networks. The long term goal of the research is to be able to map both the roles and the individuals as they move between the two types of social networks. The mapping of this migration will provide community administrators with tools(More)
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