Robert D. Mohr

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Since 1976, more than thirty states have eliminated their ‘death’ taxes and many others have reduced them. This unexplored case of interstate tax competition presents a unique opportunity to develop a new, more satisfying definition of ‘competitor’ based on historical elderly migration patterns. Using data from 1967 onward, we outline the recent history of(More)
This study uses a survey of Canadian workers with rich, matched data on job characteristics to examine whether “enriched” job design, with features like quality circles, feedback, suggestion programs, and task teams, affects job satisfaction. We identify two competing hypotheses on the relationship between enriched jobs and job satisfaction. The “motivation(More)
This study uses quantitative and qualitative survey data on the use of public-private partnership in provision and production of public services by municipalities in predominantly rural New Hampshire (USA). Descriptive analysis suggests that town officials are less satisfied with the quality of privatized services, suggesting that privatization involves(More)
The Porter Hypothesis argues that environmental regulations benefit firms by fostering innovation. This paper derives four examples consistent with this idea. Each example highlights either the distribution of benefits or costs, or the presence of some additional distortion, other than pollution. To emphasize that numerous such scenarios exist, examples are(More)
Using data from approximately 1,000 small and mostly rural municipalities from Illinois, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin, we study choices in production arrangements over a wide range of services, and examine a variety of contracting options available to local governments. The data reveal that municipalities often rely on contracts to provide an extensive list(More)
Are recessions good for pregnancy? In this paper, I investigate the relationship between unemployment fluctuations, prenatal care utilization, and infant and maternal health. Analyzing the US Natality Detail Files data for the period 1989-99 aggregated by county, year, and race, I find the overall effects of unemployment to be beneficial but conclude that(More)
This paper contributes to evidence regarding the effectiveness of the Medicaid expansions by focusing on a key beneficiary the mother who has previously been overlooked. Using the Natality Detail Files for 1989-96, we estimate the relationship between Medicaid eligibility and maternal health outcomes for several treatment groups and a control group.(More)
In each of Plato's major cosmological works, the Timaeus , the Statesman myth and the Philebus , he asserts that the body of the whole universe is alive and possesses a single WorldSoul which extends throughout it. I wish to offer a new interpretation of the role of the World-Soul which gives the World-Soul a special function in the economy of the Platonic(More)
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