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As virtual humans approach photorealistic perfection, they risk making real humans uncomfortable. This intriguing phenomenon, known as the uncanny valley, is well known but not well understood. In an effort to demystify the causes of the uncanny valley, this paper proposes several perceptual, cognitive, and social mechanisms that have already helped address(More)
Despite the often quoted adage ''beauty is in the eye of the beholder, " studies indicate people perceive certain facial and bodily proportions as attractive regardless of their culture. This preference, which is present even in infants, may be more hardwired than learned. Designers of computer games, animation, virtual reality, and robots must make choices(More)
Loyal customers provide firms a consistent source of revenue (repeat and increased purchases) and for cost reduction (less promotional expenses) that leads to increased profits. Customer loyalty is the result of successful marketing strategy in competitive markets that creates value for consumers. This study examines the mediating role of consumer perceived(More)
  • Mark Bertus, Rita A. Franks, +15 authors Luke Miller
  • 2012
Business Education & Accreditation, ISSN: 1944-5903 (print) and ISSN: 2157-0809 (online) publishes high-quality articles in all areas of business education, accreditation and related fields. Theoretical, empirical and applied manuscripts are welcome for publication consideration. The Journal is published twice per year by the Institute for Business and(More)
As a result of the 2008 global economic recession, consumers have less income and have turned to less expensive brands and retail stores. This study examines the relationships of consumer demographics, shopping behavior, and the marketing activities (mix) that influence customer-based brand equity. A sample of 435 hypermarket shoppers is classified by low,(More)
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