Robert D. Berry

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We have used an indirect immunofluorescence assay to demonstrate the cell membrane expression of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) by a pre-malignant colorectal adenoma derived epithelial cell line (PC/AA) and three colorectal carcinoma cell lines (HT29, PC/JW and PC/JW/FI). The results obtained indicated that CEA may be used as a marker for tumour progression(More)
Colorectal carcinoma is the second most common cancer in the Western World and its geographical variation in incidence implicates environmental factors as major causative agents. This raises the possibility of identifying the carcinogens and/or tumour promotors concerned and by neutralising or eliminating them from the diet, reduce the cancer incidence.(More)
The integral curve of a system of ODEs with uncertain parameters will likewise be uncertain. Such a system can be reformulated into a system of Galerkin-projected ODEs that govern the coefficients of a (truncated) polynomial chaos (PC) representation of the (random) state variables. While this reformulated system is deterministic, it is of higher dimension.(More)
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