Robert D. Atkinson

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Gulf of Mexico (Gulf) fisheries account for 41% of the U.S. marine recreational fish catch and 16% of the nation's marine commercial fish landings. Mercury (Hg) concentrations are elevated in some fish species in the Gulf, including king mackerel, sharks, and tilefish. All five Gulf states have fish consumption advisories based on Hg. Per-capita fish(More)
The United States is in the midst of a technological revolution, driven in large part by rapid advances in microelectronics. There has been much speculation about the impacts of the “information superhighway” on society as a whole, but surprisingly little is known about the potential effects of this technology revolution on the spatial distribution of jobs(More)
The research and experimentation (R&E) tax credit has long been the subject of criticism. Some argue that if the goal is more research and innovation, it’s better to increase direct federal funding of research. Others argue that the credit is not effective, that companies would do the research in any case. Some object the very notion of using tax policy to(More)
Bullets or bullet fragments that are recovered during forensic autopsy and examined later as evidence may present hazards to both pathologists and forensic scientists due to sharp edges or jagged projections created by the deformation or fragmentation of a bullet upon impact with its target. The recent introduction of the Black Talon bullet has increased(More)