Robert Czarnecki

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The studies were carried out in an experimental pig farm on 402 animals with Thuridan (spore of delta-endotoxin complex of Bacillus thuringiensis kurstaki). It was applied orally, as feed additive in a concentration of 0.1 and 0.5% for three current days. The efficacy of Thuridan was established with the use of fly-catchers which were hung in the same(More)
Intensive genetic selection of broiler breeders and layer hens for economically important production traits, which has been carried out for almost a century, resulted in considerable differences in the mechanisms of growth and development and, thus, in avian metabolism, both during embryogenesis and after hatching. Selection for meat production (broiler(More)
The reported investigations showed that riboflavin in a concentration of 5.0 X 10(-5)M penetrates across erythrocyte membrane and that the intensity of this process depends on the incubation time. ATP added to the incubation medium to a concentration of 10(-6)M or glucose in a 10(-3)M concentration enhanced riboflavin transport across the membrane. In(More)
The intraperitoneal distribution of fluid and its detectability with a CT scanning were investigated in 13 patients during infusion of dialysate for peritoneal dialysis. An ascending pattern of spread i.e. from the lesser pelvis through the inframesocolic compartment to the supramesocolic compartment prevailed. Accumulation of fluid in the perihepatic space(More)
Thirty patients with chronic renal failure on maintenance hemodialysis (HD) were studied. Plasma chemotactic activity was estimated using the "under agarose" chemotaxis assay during the first 2 h of HD. It was found that in the fifth minute of HD, patients' plasma became chemotactic, reaching the maximum activity at the tenth minute. The chemotactic(More)
Polymorphonuclear neutrophil (PMN) counts, plasma activity inducing PMN aggregation, augmenting PMN adherence and chemotactic activity were estimated during hemodialysis (HD) with cuprophane membranes. All these plasma activities are accepted as related to the presence of activated complement (C). The same estimations were made for hemodialyzed patients(More)
The depressed ETKA in ESRD patients is supposed to be caused and/or aggravated by several factors among which the diminished content of thiamine in blood and/or disturbances of thiamine utilization seem to play the major role. This role stems from the fact that thiamine acts as the cofactor of transketolase. In order to check the therapeutic significance of(More)
Computed tomography of the upper abdomen and of the heart was performed in 21 patients with severe anemia (mean haematocrit value 0.23, mean haemoglobin content 39.6%). Gross morphology of the heart and great vessels (wall thickness, size of the chambers, lumina and walls of the vessels) were visualized in all patients without the use of contrast media. The(More)