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The incidence of tuber decay in rail car shipments of potatoes from the State of Washington was determined from 1965 to 1969 inclusive. Reinspection certificates revealed that 7.9% of the rail cars of potatoes shipped during this period were rejected due to tuber defects; tuber decay accounted for 63% of these rejected cars. Percentage of rejections due to(More)
The advantage of the method lies in the relative ease of obtaining cellular material. The patient requires some instruction but need not be medically supervised. The major disadvantage is in fecal contamination and frequently cell preservation that may not be comparable to that of other cytologic approaches. The success of the test depends upon harvesting(More)
Monosporidial lines ofSorosporium consanguineum Ell. & Ev. isolated from a smut collection made in the Pacific Northwest onAristida longiseta Steud. were pathogenic only when cultures with contrasting alleles for incompatibility were paired and used to inoculate seedlings ofA. longiseta. Moreover, in pairing these lines with monosporidial lines from another(More)
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