Robert Craft

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We randomized 400 patients who were scheduled for an elective cardiovascular operation involving median sternotomy to receive cefamandole nafate or cefonicid in a prospective double-blind study. Three hundred fifty-seven patients were evaluable for prophylactic efficacy. Chest wound and donor site infections and early prosthetic valve endocarditis occurred(More)
This study enrolled patients with complicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) in a trial to determine the efficacy and safety of sequential therapy with intravenous fleroxacin (first 3 days) followed by oral fleroxacin, for a total course of 7-14 days, both administered at a dosage of 400 mg once a day. We enrolled 68 patients with complicated UTIs or acute(More)
The limitations of antiparkinsonian treatment strategy when using anticholinergic drugs are determined by their side effects induced through excessive inhibition of parasympathetic functions. In the present study we have investigated the peripheral effects of antiparkinsonian agents on blood levels of concomitantly administered neuroleptic drugs. We have(More)
Frequency of non-response antiplatelet activity of clopidogrel during pre-treatment for cardiac catheterization. Comparison of a modified Thromboelastograph and PlateletWorks whole blood assays to optical platelet aggregation for monitoring reversal of clopidogrel inhibition in elective surgery patents. A Thromboelastograph whole blood assay for clinical(More)
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