Robert Crabtree

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The objective of this study was to determine whether a deficiency for either one of two repair processes influences the phenomenon of enhancement of radiation-induced cell killing by carboplatin which has been reported previously in one cell line (V79) and which is presumably a result of an interaction between these two therapeutic modalities. Cell killing(More)
BACKGROUND If higher professional education (HPE) for general practitioners (GPs) is to be implemented, then key stakeholders will need to be supportive. AIM To investigate stakeholders' beliefs about the concept of HPE, its funding, and relationships to education and care. METHOD Interviews were conducted using a topic guide with a health authority(More)
The design and engineering of large, complex electro-mechanical artifacts for use in space requires the integration of many engineering groups, spread across the components of the artifact and across the customer and suppliers. Within each engineering group there is a need to integrate the many diverse skills required, such as electrical, mechanical,(More)
BACKGROUND There is no consensus about whether higher professional education (HPE) is necessary for general practitioners (GPs) to complete their vocational training. AIM To investigate beliefs about the need for HPE, its funding, duration, curriculum, and whether new principals (NPs) are eligible to undertake it. METHOD A confidential postal(More)
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