Robert Cole

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IS research has been criticized for having little influence on practice. One approach to achieving more relevance is to conduct research using appropriate research methods that balance the interests of both researchers and practitioners. This paper examines the similarities between two methods that address this mandate by adopting a proactive stance to(More)
To gauge similarities between S100b protein and calmodulin, interactions were observed between S100b and melittin and between S100b and tau, the microtubule-associated proteins. The interaction of melittin with S100b protein in the presence and absence of calcium was studied by fluorescence polarization, UV difference spectroscopy, and sulfhydryl(More)
We present the first report of isolate mitotic apparatus with vesicular calcium sequestration. Phase-contrast, differential interference contrast and polarized light microscopy as well as transmission and scanning electron microscopic examinations revealed structures comparable to mitotic apparatus in vivo. Numerous membrane-bound vesicles which retained(More)
Deficits in executive functions underlie compulsive drug use, and understanding how nicotine influences these cognitive processes may provide important information on neurobiological substrates of nicotine addiction. Accumulating evidence suggests that β2 subunit-containing nicotinic receptors (nAChRs) are involved in the reinforcing process of nicotine(More)
C6 cell tubulin is indistinguishable from hog brain tubulin with respect to its molecular weight, amino acid composition, and colchicine-binding activity. Moreover, microtubule assembly systems from both sources form the same structures: rings, ribbons, tubules, and drug-induced polymers. There is, nevertheless, a difference between the cultured cell and(More)