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The current web is a web of linked pages. Frustrated users search for facts by guessing which keywords or keyword phrases might lead them to pages where they can find facts. Can we make it possible for users to search directly for facts embedded in web pages? Instead of a web of human-readable pages containing machine-inaccessible facts, can the web be a(More)
We present Intelligent Indexing: a general, scalable, collaborative approach to indexing and transcription of non-machine-readable documents that exploits visual consensus and group labeling while harnessing human recognition and domain expertise. In our system, indexers work directly on the page, and with minimal context switching can navigate the page,(More)
Human-based computation is an approach that utilizes the abilities and strengths of both humans and computers to achieve a symbiotic interaction that is stronger than either agent in isolation. We propose a system that amplifies the capacity of a human indexer by adding an intelligent handwriting recognition engine to the indexing process. This recognition(More)
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