Robert Christian

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A comparison study of dynamic visual acuity (DVA) was conducted using samples of nonathletic college students and college baseball players. The experimental population consisted of 17 male baseball players ranging in age from 19-24 years. The control population was made up of 25 male graduate students ranging in age from 23-29 years. Subjects reported the(More)
PURPOSE In this work, we quantify the interfractional variations in the shape of the clinical target volume (CTV) by analyzing the daily CT data acquired during CT-guided partial breast irradiation (PBI) and compare the effectiveness of various repositioning alignment strategies considered to account for the variations. METHODS AND MATERIALS The daily CT(More)
Most recent research on gender affirmation/reassignment surgery focuses on discrimination and health disparities faced by the transgender community, and on perspectives and identity constructions of patients transitioning from one gender presentation to another. However, few studies address perspectives and experiences of the surgeons performing these(More)
PURPOSE To quantitatively characterize the interfractional anatomic variations in post-operative radiation therapy (RT) for prostate bed, so that appropriate strategy that can fully address these variations can be developed. METHODS A total of 102 daily pre-treatment CT acquired using an in-room CT (CTVision, Siemens) for 10 patients treated with(More)
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