Robert Charles

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BACKGROUND Current American Thoracic Society (ATS) community-acquired pneumonia treatment guidelines recommend azithromycin monotherapy for a limited subset of hospitalized patients. We evaluated the effectiveness of azithromycin monotherapy in a more generalized population of patients hospitalized with mild-to-moderate community-acquired pneumonia. (More)
This thesis proposes a mechanism of background task communication for workstations. Dynamic visual objects called Gestures are used as signs by the computer to reach an otherwise occupied user. The primary, dynamic visual properties of these Gestures are position, texture, intensity, chromaticity, stain, orientation, shape, and size. The dynamism of each(More)
While team work is an indispensable experience for computer science students, evaluating their performance in a project becomes a great challenge for the instructors. The basic assumption in a collaborative work is that each member of the collaboration has something to contribute. It is assumed that no member of the team is non functional. But how do we(More)
One of the outstanding ways of enhancing human capital development is rooted in collaboration and leadership. No enterprise can make progress in whatever its endeavor if collaboration and leadership is poorly addressed (Jeston and Nelis, 2008). Collaboration is needed in every sectors of life (family affairs, educational accomplishments…).(More)
Wikis can be considered as public domain knowledge sharing system. They provide opportunity for those who may not have the privilege to publish their thoughts through the traditional methods. They are one of the fastest growing systems of online encyclopaedia. In this study, we consider the importance of wikis as a way of creating, sharing and improving(More)
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