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Various connections between 2-D gravity and KdV, dKdV, inverse scattering, etc. are established. For KP we show how to extract from the dispersionless limit of the Fay differential identity of Takasaki-Takebe the collection of differential equations for F = log(τ dKP) which play the role of Hirota type equations in the dispersionless theory. In [7] we(More)
Basic quantities related to 2-D gravity, such as Polyakov extrinsic action, Nambu-Goto action, geometrical action, and Euler characteristic are studied using generalized Weierstrass-Enneper (GWE) inducing of surfaces in R 3. Connection of the GWE inducing with conformal immersion is made and various aspects of the theory are shown to be invariant under the(More)
We show how the quantum potential arises in various ways and trace its connection to quantum fluctuations and Fisher information along with its realization in terms of Weyl curvature. It represents a genuine quantization factor for certain classical systems as well as an expression for quantum matter in gravity theories of Weyl-Dirac type. Many of the facts(More)
We sketch and emphasize here the automatic emergence of a quantum potential Q in e.g. classical WDW type equations upon inserting a (Bohmian) complex wave function ψ = Rexp(iS/). The interpretation of Q in terms of momentum fluctuations via the Fisher information and entropy ideas is discussed along with the essentially forced role of R 2 as a probability(More)