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Nutritional factors affecting stress resistance in the larval mahimahi Coryphaena hippurus
Optimal Artemia enrichment levels of DHA for mahimahi have not been reached and this may explain why it has been difficult for others to raise this fish consistently. Expand
Genetic diversity and association mapping of bacterial blight and other horticulturally important traits with microsatellite markers in pomegranate from India
Effectiveness of microsatellites to resolve population structure among the wild and cultivar collection of pomegranates and future use for association mapping studies is demonstrated. Expand
A genome-wide scan of selective sweeps and association mapping of fruit traits using microsatellite markers in watermelon.
This study provided an evidence of convergent evolution for the presence of diverse ecotypes with special reference to American and European ecotypes by localized selective sweeps in intergenic regions, close to the promoters, and within the exons and introns of various genes. Expand
A comparative genomic map for Caulanthus amplexicaulis and related species (Brassicaceae)
Both the patterns of marker segregation and the comparative map indicate that C. amplexicaulis is a diploid organism with a compact genome, and it is demonstrated that the genomic tools developed here will be portable throughout the Streptanthoid Complex. Expand
Differential gene expression and alternative splicing between diploid and tetraploid watermelon.
Twenty-two genes underwent AS events across tissues, indicating possibilities of generating different protein isoforms with altered functions of important transcription factors and transporters in watermelon. Expand
Linkage disequilibrium and population-structure analysis among Capsicum annuum L. cultivars for use in association mapping
This research demonstrates the effectiveness of using genome-wide SSR-based markers to assess features of LD and genetic diversity within C. annuum. Expand