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Dynamics of argumentation systems: A division-based method
The changing of arguments and their attack relation is an intrinsic property of a variety of argumentation systems. Expand
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A New Solution to The Sorites Problem1
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Realism Regained: An Exact Theory of Causation, Teleology, and the Mind
In this wide-ranging philosophical work, Koons takes on two powerful dogmas: anti-realism and materialism. In doing so, Koons develops an efficient metaphysical system that accounts for suchExpand
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Teleology as Higher-Order Causation: A Situation-Theoretic Account
  • Robert C. Koons
  • Computer Science, Philosophy
  • Minds and Machines
  • 1 December 1998
We define teleology in terms of higher order causation, along the lines suggested by Taylor and Wright. Expand
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Dynamics of Argumentation Systems: A Basic Theory
We introduce a general theory (called a division-based method) to cope with this problem based on a new concept: the division of an argumentation framework. Expand
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Are Probabilities Indispensable to the Design Inference
After sketching the various probabilistic accounts of the design inference, including the Bayesian and Dembskian models, I make a stab at developing, in an admittedly crude form, a non-probabilisticExpand