Robert C. Osborne

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a frequently used treatment at our hospital, intravenous cimetidine hydrochloride for pruritus resulting from epidural morphine sulfate analgesia in cesarean-section patients. Fifty-two patients were randomly assigned to receive either placebo or cimetidine 300 mg i.v. Thirty-nine patients(More)
The kinetics of Pd-catalyzed Tsuji-Trost allylation employing simple phosphine ligands (L = Ar3P, etc.) are consistent with turnover-limiting nucleophilic attack of an electrophilic [L2Pd(allyl)]+ catalytic intermediate. Counter-intuitively, when L is made more electron donating, which renders [L2Pd(allyl)]+ less electrophilic (by up to an order of(More)
We have expanded the ligand knowledge base for bidentate P,P-and P,N-donor ligands (LKB-PP, Organometallics 2008, 27, 1372−1383) by 208 ligands and introduced an additional steric descriptor (nHe 8). This expanded knowledge base now captures information on 334 bidentate ligands and has been processed with principal component analysis (PCA) of the(More)
The United Hospital Fund is a health services research and philanthropic organization whose primary mission is to shape positive change in health care for the people of New York. We advance policies and support programs that promote high-quality, patient-centered health care services that are accessible to all. We undertake research and policy analysis to(More)
All reactions were carried out under an atmosphere of nitrogen using standard Schlenk line and glovebox techniques unless otherwise specified. Dry solvents were obtained from the dry solvent dispensing system in the School of Chemistry. Removal of solvent is referred to as 'concentrated to dryness' and was achieved using a Buchi rotary evaporator.(More)
In March 2003 The Chronicle for Philanthropy reported a sea change in fund development. After 25 years of consistent research on donor motivation, a study came out with new information. Donors ranked on a scale of 1-10 what mattered most to them when considering giving. Until now, most donors reported that a belief in the mission of the organization and the(More)
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