Robert C. Newman

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Computer networks and computer systems are experiencing attacks and threats from many areas. Threats are also extended to include the individual user's computer assets and resources. Information will be presented on the categories of security and privacy threats, integrity threats, vulnerabilities, delay and denial threats, and intellectual property threats(More)
The ex-filtration of confidential information across communication networks is a challenging problem. It is possible for transmissions to be hidden or masked in such a way to circumvent the security policies of an organization. An objective might be to make contacts "invisible" to all parties except designates. This can take the form of a covert channel(More)
Two instruments were developed and standardized on first-, second-, and third-grade boys and girls. The Toy Preference Test (TPT) measures sex-role preference, and/or Stereotypic Sex-Role Concepts of masculinity (SRCm) and femininity (SRCf), depending upon the instructions used for administration. The Rating Scale for Children (RSC) taps sex-role adoption.(More)
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