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  • North-Holland, Research Sectiona, K Batchelor, I Ben-Zvi, R C Fernow, J Fischer +20 others
  • 2002
The Brookhaven Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) uses a photocathode rf gun to provide a high-brightness electron beam intended for FEL and laser acceleration experiments. The rf gun consists of 1-,' cells driven at 2856 MHz in 7r-mode with a maximum cathode field of 100 MV/m. To achieve long lifetimes, our photocathode development concentrates on robust(More)
The development and application of comprehensive climate models for understanding and predicting global climate change will require far greater computer power than is available at present. These models will couple atmospheric and oceanic general circulation models (GCMS) and will add complex calculations associated with atmospheric chemistry, land surfbce(More)
Nonlinear harmonic radiation was observed using the VISA self-amplified, spontaneous emission (SASE) free-electron laser (FEL) at saturation. The gain lengths, spectra, and energies of the three lowest SASE FEL modes were experimentally characterized. The measured nonlinear harmonic gain lengths and center spectral wavelengths decrease with harmonic number,(More)
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