Robert C. Fitch

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The work demonstrates performance of thermalpiezoresistive self-sustained oscillators in both vacuum and ambient air conditions, up to 161MHz with AC peakto-peak voltages of up to 44mV. The devices are of an Ishaped geometry fabricated from 1.6-1.9μm thick n-type silicon. While strong resonance is demonstrated in their intended in-plane longitudinal(More)
IV knee walk-out in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) on a Sapphire substrate is analyzed using dynamic radio frequency (RF) load-lines acquired with a large signal network analyzer (LSNA) for both continuous-wave (CW) and pulsed-IV/RF excitations. When thermal effects and traps are bypassed using pulsed-IV biasing and pulsed-RF(More)
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