Robert C Fisher

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BACKGROUND Although there are several large-species animal models for saccular aneurysms, there is a need for a simple, reproducible saccular aneurysm model in mice. OBJECTIVE To develop a murine saccular aneurysm model, which replicates key characteristics that occur in the formation of human cerebral aneurysms. METHODS Elastase is applied(More)
Blast-1 is a human activation-associated glycoprotein expressed on the surface of leukocytes. Analysis of a translated sequence from a Blast-1 cDNA reveals a single hydrophobic sequence which could traverse the plasma membrane, but is devoid of charged residues that might represent a cytoplasmic tail. Consistent with this characteristic, Blast-1 is(More)
  • Robert C Fisher, Omer Gokcekus, Edward Tower, Christof Galli, Ryan Gibbs, Jaewa Lee +2 others
  • 2002
… we cannot sustain our nation's armed forces, their equipment and weapons using styrofoam and plastic. " (Mr. Rahall, West Virginia). " Bananas did not build America. Steel did. The only practical solution to the steel import crisis is to make H.R. 975 into law. " (Mr. Kucinich, Ohio). " Stand up America. Are you not tired of being Dumped on? Vote for H.R.(More)
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