Robert C. Corry

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Schizophrenia patients' perceptual organization abilities were assessed with a psychophysically well-controlled measure of contour integration. Compared with psychiatric and staff controls, schizophrenia patients were less able to detect contours comprising Gabor elements as the detection of these contours relied increasingly on long-range spatial(More)
The contributions of current agricultural practices to environmental degradation and the social problems facing agricultural regions are well known. However, landscape-scale alternatives to current trends have not been fully explored nor their potential impacts quantified. To address this research need, our interdisciplinary team designed three alternative(More)
The normative landscape scenario is one of many types of scenario methods that are used by landscape ecologists. We describe how normative landscape scenarios are different from other types and how these differences create special potential for engaging science to build landscape policy and for exploring scientific questions in realistic simulated(More)
This paper describes an integrative method for quantifying, analyzing, and comparing the effects of alternative rehabilitation approaches with visual preference. The method was applied to a portion of a major industrial area located in southern Italy. Four alternative approaches to rehabilitation (alternative designs) were developed and analyzed. The(More)
Landscape pattern indices are common tools of landscape ecologists, affording comparisons of different study areas, or the same study area at different times. Since the advent of popular index-calculating software, more landscapes can be analyzed in short amounts of time, yet the behaviour of landscape pattern indices can vary for different contexts or data(More)
The sensitivity and specificity of electrocardiographic (ECG) interpretation by a simple algorithm was compared with a computer read ECG machine. Clinical data and ECG findings on 264 consecutive patients admitted to a coronary care unit with suspected acute myocardial infarction were prospectively entered into an algorithm with 13 end-points. These(More)
Landscape pattern quantities are affected by issues of scale, namely extent and resolution. The grain size (resolution) of fine-resolution geographic information system (GIS) data for two highly fragmented landscapes in USA and Italy were altered to evaluate the effect of grain size changes on landscape pattern metrics and cost-surface model outputs.(More)
As the principles of landscape ecology increasingly become part of the language of planning, so too do planners seek derivatives of landscape ecology to guide planning applications. Landscape planners require effective and reliable tools for assessing landscapes that they are charged with manipulating. Landscape pattern metrics are likely attractive to(More)
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