Robert C Birtcher

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Previous studies have shown that the size distributions of small clusters ( n < or = 40; n = number of atoms/cluster) generated by sputtering obey an inverse power law with an exponent between -8 and -4. Here we report electron microscopy studies of the size distributions of larger clusters ( n > or = 500) sputtered by high-energy ion impacts. These new(More)
High-resolution transmission electron microscopy images of room-temperature fluid xenon in small faceted cavities in aluminum reveal the presence of three well-defined layers within the fluid at each facet. Such interfacial layering of simple liquids has been theoretically predicted, but observational evidence has been ambiguous. Molecular dynamics(More)
In situ transmission electron microscopy observations of the oxidation of (001) Cu-Au alloys indicate that the Cu2O islands that form undergo a remarkable transformation from an initially compact morphology to a dendritic structure as growth proceeds. Correspondingly, the surface composition becomes nonuniform and the fractal dimension associated with the(More)
The structure and lattice parameters of Xe particles about 1 nm to about 6 nm in size embedded in Al were investigated with off-Bragg condition high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. An Xe particle about 1 nm in size had different structural properties from those 2-6 nm in sizes. Some 1-nm Xe particles had an face-centred cubic (f.c.c.) structure(More)
Sputtering of Au thin fdms has been determined for Xe ions with energies between 50 and 600 keV. In-situ transmission electron microscopy was used to observe sputtered Au during deposition on a carbon foil near the specimen. Total reflection and transmission sputtering yields for a 62 nm thick Au thin film were determined by ex-situ measurement of the total(More)
M. Song, K. Mitsuishi, M. Takeguchi, K. Furuya, R. C. Birtcher High Voltage Electron Microscopy Station, National Institute for Materials Science, Sakura 3-13, Tsukuba, 305-0003 Japan Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, MSD/212, 9700 South Cass Avenue, Argonne, IL 60439-4838 ABSTRACT An abnormal phenomenon, low energy ion induced X-ray(More)
The intermediate voltage electron microscope-tandem user facility in the Electron Microscopy Center at Argonne National Laboratory is described. The primary purpose of this facility is electron microscopy with in situ ion irradiation at controlled sample temperatures. To illustrate its capabilities and advantages a few results of two outside user projects(More)
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