Robert Buschmann

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The objective of this study was to better elucidate the composition of the hypertrophic cirrhotic liver. We induced cirrhosis with hypertrophy in rats by simultaneous treatment with CCl4 and phenobarbital (PB) and devised a hierarchy of structure applicable to the sampling and morphometric analysis of untreated and PB-treated control livers and of cirrhotic(More)
The diagnosis of liver cirrhosis depends on assessing fibrosis and architectural alterations of the liver. In a needle biopsy specimen the connective tissue is often inadequately sampled, which leads to an uncertain diagnosis. Parenchymal features alone are currently insufficient. We, therefore, carried out a comprehensive morphometric study to detect(More)
The function of the microtubules that are present in the villus enterocytes of the mammalian small intestine is virtually unknown. In order to advance our knowledge about enterocyte microtubules, a quantitative ultrastructural comparison was carried out on enterocytes from rats injected intraperitoneally with colchicine (0.5 mg/100 g body weight) in saline(More)
Thirty-three male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed a carcinogenic (0.064% 3'-methyl-4-dimethylaminoazobenzene, 3'-Me-DAB) ground meal normal diet. After 12 weeks the ground meal diet was replaced with a normal pellet diet, and the 30 surviving animals were divided into three equal groups. One group was sacrificed at the twelfth week and the other groups 4 and 8(More)