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Extensions to the Black-Scholes model have been suggested recently that permit to calculate worst-case prices for a portfolio of vanilla options or for exotic options when no a priori distribution for the forward volatility is known. The Uncertain Volatility Model (UVM) by Avellaneda and Parás finds a one-sided worst-case volatility scenario for the buy(More)
We have designed and validated a rapid, accurate simulation method for evaluating the performance of Web proxy cache replacement algorithm designs. We model the client-proxy-server system by combining a linear model of client-proxy response times with real measurements of proxy-server response times. We experimentally validate the model’s accuracy on the(More)
This paper studies the caching characteristics of HTTP requests and responses that pass through production Web proxies. We evaluate caching opportunities and problems. Traces with 5.9 million entries from a large Internet Service Provider (ISP) and 2.0 million entries from an Intranet firewall are studied. We find maximum cache hit rate opportunities of(More)
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