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OBJECTIVE To test the effect of a programme of additional antenatal social support on the occurrence of preterm birth (a birth from 20 to 36 weeks gestation) in women at risk of preterm birth. DESIGN A prospective randomized controlled trial. The design was one of randomization before consent for a new treatment. SETTING Three public hospital antenatal(More)
BACKGROUND Pregnancy presents a unique situation for the management of asthma as it can alter the course of asthma severity and its treatment, which in turn can affect pregnancy outcomes. Despite awareness of the substantial adverse effects associated with asthma during pregnancy, little has been done to improve its management and reduce associated(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the costs of inpatient (usual care) with outpatient (intervention) care for cervical priming for induction of labour in women with healthy, low-risk pregnancies who are being induced for prolonged pregnancies or for social reasons. METHODS Data from a randomised controlled trial at two hospitals in South Australia were matched with(More)
BACKGROUND Induction of labour often begins with the application of a priming agent to soften the cervix, generally requiring women to stay in hospital overnight (inpatient priming). An alternative is outpatient priming by a midwife, where women are allowed to go home following priming. This approach has the potential to impact, either positively or(More)
BACKGROUND Induction of labor, an increasingly common intervention, is often preceded by the application of an agent to "prime" or "ripen" the cervix. We conducted a randomized controlled trial to compare clinical, economic, and psychosocial outcomes of inpatient and outpatient cervical priming before induction of labor. In this paper we present the(More)
Cigarette smoking is perhaps the single most important avoidable causes of adverse pregnancy outcomes and is a particularly important problem for women at social disadvantage, such as Indigenous Australians. Fortunately, pregnancy motivates many women to stop smoking with about 40% of smokers quitting in the first trimester. However, women who quit in early(More)
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Both observational studies and nonrandomized controlled trials have found the presence of support during pregnancy to be associated with superior outcomes in terms of preventing abortion, extending the length of gestation, and reducing interventions in labor. However, randomized controlled trials of supportive interventions in pregnancy have not(More)
Hub and spoke networks, while highly efficient, are fragile to targeted attacks: removal of the central hub destroys connectivity of the network. This fragility has led to the assertion that these networks are not suited to military distribution systems. However, military supply chains have redundancy induced by heterogeneous transportation modes(More)
BACKGROUND In many countries a high proportion of births begin as induced labours. Induction can be lengthy if cervical priming is required prior to induction. This usually occurs as an inpatient, however, an alternative is to allow women to go home after satisfactory fetal monitoring. The aim of this study was to assess the preferences of women for(More)