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We introduce a method to fabricate solid-state nanopores with sub-20 nm diameter in membranes with embedded metal electrodes across a 200 mm wafer using CMOS compatible semiconductor processes. Multi-layer (metal-dielectric) structures embedded in membranes were demonstrated to have high uniformity (± 0.5 nm) across the wafer. Arrays of nanopores were(More)
to which all business communications, remittances (in United States currency or its equivalent). and subscription orders should be sent. In Japan, send orders and inquiries to (sole agent): Nonmembers of the Amencan Association for Cancer Research within the United States may subscribe to Volume 6 (1997) of Cancer EpidemiOlOgy, Biomarkers & Prevention at(More)
The initial concerns of this Reputations study were twofold. Firstly, that it would find that Robert Bruce only existed in the shadow of his predecessor in Scotland's medieval fight against England, the purer patriot William Wallace (d. 1305). Secondly, in working its way through works of the late eighteenth-and early nineteenth-centuries, that it would(More)
Wafer-scale fabrication of complex nanofluidic systems with integrated electronics is essential to realizing ubiquitous, compact, reliable, high-sensitivity and low-cost biomolecular sensors. Here we report a scalable fabrication strategy capable of producing nanofluidic chips with complex designs and down to single-digit nanometre dimensions over 200 mm(More)
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