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Biomonitoring of Occupational Exposure to Total Arsenic and Total Mercury in Urine of Goldmine Workers in Southwestern Ghana
Biomonitoring of total arsenic and total mercury in the urine of goldmine workers in south-western Ghana due to occupational exposure was conducted to determine whether occupational exposureExpand
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Neutron flux distribution in the irradiation channels of Am–Be neutron source irradiation facility
Abstract Monte Carlo (MCNP-5) simulations of the neutron fluxes were performed to determine the radial and axial neutron fluxes of the two irradiation sites of the 20 Ci 241 Am–Be neutron irradiationExpand
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The design of a multisource americium-beryllium (Am-Be) neutron irradiation facility using MCNP for the neutronic performance calculation.
The americium-beryllium neutron irradiation facility at the National Nuclear Research Institute (NNRI), Ghana, was re-designed with four 20 Ci sources using Monte Carlo N-Particle (MCNP) code toExpand
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Ground deposition assessment of radionuclides following a hypothetical release from Ghana Research Reactor-1 (GHARR-1) using atmospheric dispersion model
Abstract With the sustained development in computer technology, the possibilities of code capabilities have been enlarged substantially. Advanced safety evaluations and design optimizations that wereExpand
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Americium mono-recycling in PWR: A step towards transmutation
Abstract In contrast to the straight final disposal solution, countries like France have opted to reprocess their nuclear reactors spent fuel and defined another way to take care of sensitiveExpand
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Determination of thermal neutron cross-section and resonance integral for the 75As (n, γ)76As reaction by activation method using 55Mn (n, γ)56Mn as a monitor
Abstract Nuclear constants for use in reactor activation analysis especially (n, γ) cross-sections and absolute gamma intensities, are known to show a rather large scatter in literature. Thermal andExpand
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Characterization of low power research reactor neutrons for the validation of k(0)-INAA standardization based on k(0)-IAEA software.
Channel Bsite2 of Ghana research reactor-1 has been characterized for k0-INAA application. Cadmium ratio and bare multi-monitor were used to determine flux parameters using 0.1%Au-Al, Fe, and Zr wireExpand
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Axial and radial distribution of thermal and epithermal neutron fluxes in irradiation channels of the Ghana Research Reactor-1 using foil activation analysis
Abstract The experimental method (foil activation) was used to determine the neutron fluxes in two outer irradiation channels of the Ghana Research Reactor-1. In the experimental procedure, it wasExpand
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Thermal neutron cross section determination of short-to-medium lived nuclides using a 20 Ci Am–Be neutron source
Abstract While there are growing demands for the nuclear data at higher energy regions than keV for up-to-date scientific and technological development, accurate capture cross sections at thermalExpand
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Design of boron carbide-shielded irradiation channel of the outer irradiation channel of the Ghana Research Reactor-1 using MCNP.
The MCNP model for the Ghana Research Reactor-1 was redesigned to incorporate a boron carbide-shielded irradiation channel in one of the outer irradiation channels. Extensive investigations were madeExpand
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