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We measured the effect of marginal malnutrition on physical work capacity of adolescent children of agricultural migrant workers in Southern Brazil. Nutritional status was evaluated using 24-h dietary recall. Body size was evaluated anthropometrically. Biochemical assessments were also made. Physical work capacity (PWC170) was assessed by measuring heart(More)
Total energy expenditures and intakes were simultaneously assessed in 18 free-ranging lactating women (10 months postpartum) and compared to six similarly-sized, nonlactating, nonpregnant but multiparous women living in the same rural villages in the Guatemalan highlands. Energy intakes were estimated by the 24-hr recall method for each of 4 consecutive(More)
Four obese women, each at least 50% above their expected weight for height were maintained in the metabolic unit for 63 days on liquid formula diets of differing protein and calorie content. We made the following findings: 1) When 12 g protein nitrogen was consumed, 1 mEq of acid was excreted in the urine for every 2 mEq of urinary sulphate. 2) On a(More)