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The K562 cell line (chronic myeloid leukemia), sensitive to chemotherapy (non-MDR), and the Lucena cell line, resistant to chemotherapy (MDR) were investigated. The results suggest that both cell lines possess CD34+CD38- profiles of hematopoietic stem cell markers. The promoter regions of ABCB1, ABCG2 and ABCC1 genes contain binding sites for the Oct-4(More)
This paper gives a short review of the history of statistical physics starting from D. Bernoulli's kinetic theory of gases in the 18th century until the recent new developments in nonequilibrium kinetic theory in the last decades of this century. The most important contributions of the great physicists Clausius, Maxwell and Boltzmann are sketched. It is(More)
Rationale Patients previously prescribed one epinephrine auto-injector device may be switched to an alternative device by their pharmacist or physician-sometimes without training on the new device. It is unclear whether " device switches " without retraining compromise the ability to deliver epinephrine. Methods We evaluated mothers of food-allergic(More)
Perhaps the greatest achievement of civilization has been the creation of a realm of culture which is not dominated by brute force—a place where might does not make right. Science is typically seen as the clearest fulfillment of this ideal, where truth is neither bent by the multitude of opinion nor distorted through the use of brute force. " One of the(More)
  • B Zorina Khan, Humphry Davy, +19 authors Fellows
  • 2008
1 " If for four centuries there had been a very widely extended franchise ... the threshing machine, the power loom, the spinning jenny, and possibly the steam-engine, would have been prohibited "-Sir Henry Sumner Maine (1885) INTRODUCTION This paper provides an empirical assessment of the contribution of different types of knowledge to British(More)
Robert Boyle showed that air " has a Spring that enables it to sustain or resist a pressure " and also it has " an active Spring. .. as when it distends a flaccid or breaks a full-blown Bladder in our exhausted receiver " (Boyle 1999, 6.41-42). 1 In this respect, he distinguished between air and other fluids, since liquids such as water are " not sensibly(More)