Robert Bloxam

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We investigated the effects of transboundary pollution between Ontario and New York using both observations and modeling results. Analysis of the spatial scales associated with ozone pollution revealed the regional and international character of this pollutant. A back-trajectory-clustering methodology was used to evaluate the potential for transboundary(More)
Changes in SO inf4 (sup2-) deposition predicted to occur in response to implementation of announced SO2 emission control programs in Canada and the U.S.A. have been used as input to water chemistry models thereby giving an estimate of the changes in lake acid neutralizing capacity (ANC) and pH that can be expected from these programs. Eastern Canada has(More)
Anomalies appear to exist in our understanding of atmospheric sulfur compounds, specifically as evidenced in the time trends of the different chemical forms of these compounds. Trends determined at a number of locations by several different groups seem to indicate that, responding to emission reductions across North America, the concentration of SO2 in the(More)
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