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PURPOSE To explore the importance and meaning of hope for family members of people with mental illness. METHODS Focused in-depth interviews with 16 family members in Queensland and Tasmania, Australia. FINDINGS The data confirm the argument that hopefulness appears to be central to a family's coping with the impact of mental illness. Their definitions(More)
1 The disposition and metabolism of labetalol and either 14C- or 3H-labetalol has been studied in mouse, rat, rabbit, dog and man. 2 Radiolabelled labetalol was administered orally at doses of 100 mg/kg to the mouse, up to 50 mg/kg to the rat and rabbit, 20 mg/kg to the dog and 200 mg to man. From measurements of the total plasma radioactivity it was shown(More)
There is increasing evidence that an involuntary hospital admission and treatment can undermine the therapeutic relationship. While good relationships with staff are important factors influencing long-term recovery, there is little information on how people experience their relationships with staff while under an involuntary treatment order (ITO).(More)
3An involuntary treatment order (ITO) allows a person to be treated for a mental illness without consent under some circumstances. While the treatment and assessment of mental illness are essentially clinical decisions, involuntary mental health admissions are governed by a framework of legal principles, safeguards and procedures. The underlying philosophy(More)
An audit of hospital records of 542 patients diagnosed as having schizophrenia discharged in the years 1986-88 from the Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane, showed that 46% of patients left hospital to live with other family members, usually parents or spouses. Analysis of destination suggested that the extent of patient-family connectedness increases(More)
BACKGROUND Constructs such as personal recovery, patient engagement and consumer involvement are central in mental health care delivery. These approaches emphasise the importance of empowerment and choice. AIMS Under some circumstances Involuntary Treatment Orders (ITO) allow a person to be treated for a mental illness without their consent. This study(More)
An automated continuous flow liquid-liquid extraction procedure is described for the separation of the H2-antagonist loxtidine from plasma samples containing two metabolites which interfere in the radioimmunoassay of the drug. The extraction of the bronchodilator salbutamol was studied using the DuPont Prep I automated liquid solid extraction apparatus,(More)
In healthy normal subjects following the administration of labetalol the pharmacological effects were measured and compared with the plasma concentrations achieved. The inhibition of exercise induced tachycardia and inhibition of exercise induced increases in systolic pressure were significantly related to the administered dose of labetalol. Labetalol was(More)
A fast, simple, and accurate method for determining albuterol concentrations in human plasma has been developed and validated for use in routine clinical analyses. This method involves a solid-phase extraction procedure using silica cartridges and normal-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. Regression analysis showed the(More)