Robert Blackmore

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A parallel application benefits from scheduling policies that include a global perspective of the application's process working set. As the interactions among cooperating processes increase, mechanisms to ameliorate waiting within one or more of the processes become more important. In particular, collective operations such as barriers and reductions are(More)
The IBM RS/6000 SP system is one of the most costeffective commercially available high performance machines. IBM RS/6000 SP systems support the Message Passing Interface standard (MPI) and LAPI. LAPI is a low level, reliable and efficient one sided communication API library, implemented on IBM RS/6000 SP systems. This paper explains how the high performance(More)
MPI-IO/(-IPFS is a prol.ot.ype of the I/O of t.he Message Passing lnt.erface (MP1) 2 st.mldard. It. use.s I he IBM General PmalM File Syst.em (GPI"S), wil:h prot.ot.yped ext.ensions, as l.he underlying file sysl;eln. This paper describes {.he features of this prol.otype which support its high performance and robustness. The use of(More)
We present scalability and performance enhancements to MPI libraries on POWER8 InfiniBand clusters. We explore optimizations in the Parallel Active Messaging Interface (PAMI) libraries. We bypass IB VERBS via low level inline calls resulting in low latencies and high message rates. MPI is enabled on POWER8 by extension of both MPICH and Open MPI to call(More)
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