Robert Bevec

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Giving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) the possibility to manipulate objects vastly extends the range of possible applications. This applies to rotary wing UAVs in particular, where their capability of hovering enables a suitable position for in-flight manipulation. Their manipulation skills must be suitable for primarily natural, partially known(More)
In this paper we address the problem of autonomous learning of visual appearance of unknown objects. We propose a method that integrates foveated vision on a humanoid robot with autonomous object discovery and explorative manipulation actions such as pushing, grasping, and in-hand rotation. The humanoid robot starts by searching for objects in a visual(More)
To make robotics feasible for use in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) several issues have to be addressed. The most obvious is the ability to produce small batches of products with minimal changeover cost and time. In this paper an innovative flexible fixture based on a Gough-Stewart platform called the hexapod is proposed. The fixture is designed to be(More)
In an increasingly competitive manufacturing industry it is becoming ever more important to rapidly react to changes in market demands. In order to satisfy these requirements, it is crucial that automated manufacturing processes are flexible and can be adapted to new production requirements quickly. In this paper we present a novel automatically(More)
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