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Development of the AMOEBA (Atomic Multipole Optimized Energetics for Biomolecular Simulation) force field for proteins is presented. The current version (AMOEBA-2013) utilizes permanent electrostatic multipole moments through the quadrupole at each atom, and explicitly treats polarization effects in various chemical and physical environments. The atomic(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of folic acid (FA) supplementation and fortification in preventing neural tube defects (NTDs) in a high prevalence region of the United States. STUDY DESIGN Active and passive surveillance methods were used to identify all fetuses/infants affected with an NTD in South Carolina. Prevalence rates were compared with FA intake(More)
DISCLAIMER This statement is designed primarily as an educational resource for clinicians to help them provide quality medical services. Adherence to this statement is completely voluntary and does not necessarily assure a successful medical outcome. This statement should not be considered inclusive of all proper procedures and tests or exclusive of other(More)
Recent advances in optical networking reveal that large-scale optical networks supporting heterogeneous traffic may soon become economical as the underlying backbone in wide area networks, in which optical routers play a key role. One big challenge in the design of future large-scale optical systems is packet scheduling for the core optical routers. The(More)
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