Robert Bechtold

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The ideas and findings in this report should not be construed as an official DoD position. It is published in the interest of scientific and technical information exchange. Permission to reproduce this document and to prepare derivative works from this document for internal use is granted, provided the copyright and " No Warranty " statements are included(More)
This paper addresses the question of whether microtubule-directed transport of vesicular organelles depends on the presence of a pool of cytosolic factors, including soluble motor proteins and accessory factors. Earlier studies with squid axon organelles (Schroer et al., 1988) suggested that the presence of cytosol induces a > 20-fold increase in the number(More)
Endometriosis is a rare cause of sciatic mononeuropathy. We report a woman with cyclic, menstruation-related hip pain associated with right leg weakness and sensory loss. Examination and electrodiagnostic studies suggested sciatic nerve dysfunction. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed abnormal signal consistent with endometriotic tissue in the region(More)
Cytochrome c can be modified by [(NH3)5RuII/III-] specifically at the imidazole moiety of histidine 33, and we have recently discussed the thermodynamics and kinetics of electron transfer within this modified protein. X-ray crystal structures of the oxidized and reduced forms of tuna cytochrome c indicate that the separation between the haem group of(More)
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