Robert Barta

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Personalized online tourism services play a crucial role for tourists. In order to deliver adequate information, a semantic matching between tourism services and user context is needed. In the phase of trip planning, the essential user context comprises primarily user preferences and interests, while during the trip location and time context are added.(More)
The fundamental basis of T1 and T2 contrast in brain MRI is not well understood; recent literature contains conflicting views on the nature of relaxation in white matter (WM). We investigated the effects of inversion pulse bandwidth on measurements of T1 and T2 in WM. Hybrid inversion-recovery/Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill experiments with broad or narrow(More)
After years of development, the Topic Maps community is in the process of consolidating its standards landscape. This work tries to outline an integrated scenario and sketches how the individual pieces may fit together. This is mostly achieved by a mathematical formalization for Topic Maps. It serves as basis for high-level data models and also for a query(More)
Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) is a consistent standardization e ort of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) to cope with an environment of pervasive sensor networks. The standards suite is web service centric and de nes a number of XML schemas to be used in information exchange. Here we report about an experiment to replace a conventionally programmed web(More)
Travel and tourism are commonly known as information intensive domains where in online information places a crucial role for the whole lifecycle of the journey. The growth in the use of Internet has transferred the Web users to use the Internet to gather travel related information. Also, the recent development, the semantic Web [1] aims to extend the(More)
In order to minimize the cost associated with “bridging the technology gaps” between the networks, ORCHESTRA proposes an abstract architecture and a methodology for mapping this abstract architecture onto the technical platform of choice. At the level of information exchange, ORCHESTRA demands self-description of all services and data offered in a network.(More)
A suspension of elastin powder that is produced for cosmetic purposes has been applied on open skin wounds made in rats. Elastin particles (diameter smaller than 0.1 mm) prepared by extraction of bovine nuchal ligament with alkali had no effect on wet weight and dry weight of granulation tissue formed in the wound within 6 days. Hydroxyproline content which(More)
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