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This is a short paper about a simple technique for making applications robust by marking data that violates specially identified invariants and using those marks as guards around code which is sensitive to that invariant. Such a capability is needed when dealing with the exceptions that arise in practical applications and distinguish them from idealized(More)
Automatic programming consists not only of an automatic compiler, but also some means of acquiring the high-level specification to be compiled, some means of determining that it is the intended specification, and some (interactive) means of translating this high-level specification into a lower-level one which can be automatically compiled.
Without communication mechanisms, a program is useless. It can neither obtain data for processing nor make its results available. Thus every programming language has contained communication mechanisms. These mechanisms have traditionally been separated into five categories based on the entity with which communication is established. The five entities with(More)
This is a tutorial about the organization of expert problem-solving programs. We begin with a restricted class of problems that admits a very simple organization. To make this organization feasible it is required that the input data be static and reliable and that the solution space be small enough to search exhaustively. These assumptions are then relaxed,(More)
<i>Software engineering environments have a history of about two decades. Early environments provided support for small fragments of the software process (usually focusing on programming-in-the small). Then there was a trend towards support for more complete software processes (from early phases like requirements analysis and design down to testing and(More)
APAREL is described: this language is an extension to an algorithmic language (PL/I) that provides the pattern-matching capabilities normally found only in special purpose languages such as SNOBOL4 and TMG. This capability is provided through parse-requests stated in a BNF-like format. These parse-requests form their own programming language with special(More)
Contrary to recent claims that specification should be completed before implementation begins, this paper presents two arguments that the two processes must be intertwined. First, limitations of available implementation technology may force a specification change. For example, deciding to implement a stack as an array (rather than as a linked list) may(More)