Robert B. Webster

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Making use of multi-media knowledge and information from multiple sources is a problem of knowledge management. Even when a user knows of all the different sources of knowledge available, it is a difficult task finding pertinent knowledge and information within those sources. Finding what is important to the user may mean selecting, filtering, and(More)
Our objectives were to evaluate children with recurrent abdominal pain for lactose maldigestion and to assess factors which might predict lactose absorption status. One hundred thirty-seven children were referred for specialty evaluation of recurrent abdominal pain of at least three months' duration. Study subjects were evaluated by history and physical(More)
An object-based methodology for knowledge representation and its Standard Generalized Markup Language SGML implementation is presented. The methodology includes class, perspective, domain, and event constructs for representing knowledge within an object paradigm. The perspective construct allows for representation of knowledge from multiple and varying(More)
Chemically generated CO(2) laser pulses at 10.6 microm have been used to clear a 5-cm diameter hole through a stratus-like cloud in a laboratory cloud chamber. The results show that 100% clearing can be achieved. The mechanism is shown to be droplet shattering followed by evaporation. In the experimental conditions, the channel closure is effected by(More)
Knudsen layer losses of tail fuel ions can significantly reduce the fusion reactivity of multi-keV DT in capsules with small fuel ρr; sizable yield reduction can result for small inertial confinement fusion (ICF) capsules. This effect is most pronounced when the distance from a burning DT gas region to a nonreacting or cold wall is comparable to the mean(More)
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