Robert B. Stam

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Using a database of more than 1.85 million retail investor transactions over 1991– 1996, we show that these trades are systematically correlated—that is, individuals buy (or sell) stocks in concert. Moreover, consistent with noise trader models, we find that systematic retail trading explains return comovements for stocks with high retail concentration(More)
The asset-market evidence suggests that investors are concerned with large downward moves in equity prices, which occur about once every one or two years in the data. This evidence is puzzling as there are no concurrent jumps in macroeconomic fundamentals at such frequencies. I estimate a confidence-risk model where consumption shocks are Gaussian, and(More)
INTRODUCTION Intramuscular Immune Serum Globulin (IM ISG) is recommended as post-measles exposure prophylaxis (PEP) when administered within 6days of initial exposure, with variable effectiveness in preventing measles disease. Effectiveness of IM ISG PEP in preventing clinical measles was assessed during a 2014 measles outbreak among a religious-affiliated(More)
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