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The literature concerning man-computer transactions abounds in controversy about the limits of "system response time" to a user's command or inquiry at a terminal. Two major semantic issues prohibit resolving this controversy. One issue centers around the question of "Response time to what?" The implication is that different human purposes and actions will(More)
This study examines the results of bacterial culture from 159 endometrial biopsy samples from 97 commercial dairy cows and correlations between bacteriological and histological findings. Bacteria were isolated from approximately 80% of biopsies taken at day 26 and day 40 postpartum. Eleven percent of biopsies were positive for both aerobic and anaerobic(More)
The Mexican rice borer, Eoreuma loftini (Dyar) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae), is an invasive pest of sugarcane, Saccharum spp., rice, Oryza sativa L., and other graminaceous crops in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. Traps baited with E. loftini female sex pheromones were used to document establishment and distribution of E. loftini near sugarcane,(More)
Sera were collected using a systematic random sampling from 348 cattle herds in Ontario, in proportion to the cattle population in different areas. One cow in five from 296 dairy herds and one in three from 52 beef herds were sampled. The sera were analyzed for prevalence of antibodies to Leptospira interrogans serovar grippotyphosa, hardjo,(More)
Effects of UV radiation and irradiation followed by challenge exposure with Moraxella bovis on the corneal epithelium were studied in 6 calves by scanning electron microscopy. After UV irradiation, the number of dark cells comprising the surface epithelium increased. Many epithelial cells were in various states of degeneration and were characterized(More)
In this study we evaluated maternofetal transmission of immunoglobulins in ewes under conditions of altered placental morphology. Intravenous injection of human red blood cells was used to induce immunoglobulins in pregnant ewes. The hemagglutination test was used to detect antibody in maternal serum, fetal and placental fluids. Placental injury was induced(More)
Ureaplasma diversum was isolated from the lungs and/or stomach fluid and placentas of five aborted bovine fetuses and four newborn calves. All isolates were serotype D48. Placentitis was observed in all instances in which the placenta was examined. Gross lesions consisted of focal or diffuse reddening of the chorioallantois and amnion and thickening of the(More)
Three strains of Hemophilus somnus were infused into the posterior cervix of six pregnant cows. The organism persisted in the cervicovaginal region for eight to 87 days, and at parturition H. somnus was isolated from chorioallantois in four of six cows; placentitis developed, and fetal membranes were retained. All calves were born alive and no H. somnus was(More)