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The molar absorptivity of NADH at 340 nm has been determined by an indirect procedure in which high-purity glucose is phosphorylated by ATP in the presence of hexokinase, coupled to oxidation of the glucose-6-phosphate by NAD+ in the presence of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase. The average value from 85 independent determinations is 6317 liter mol-1 cm-1(More)
Optimum reaction conditions at 30#{176} ± 0.5#{176} for two continuous spectrophotometric assay procedures, lactate to pyruvate (L-P) and pyruvate to lactate (P-L), were determined with respect to pH at 30#{176} (pH30) substrate concentration, and coenzyme concentration for the human LDH isoenxymes. H UMAN SERUM lactate dehydrogenaset (LDH) activity has(More)
This candidate Reference Method for measuring total bilirubin in serum is based on the Jendrassik-Gróf principle (Clin Chem 29: 297-301, 1983). Standard Reference Material no. 916 bilirubin (National Bureau of Standards) is used as the standard. Bilirubin standard solutions may be prepared either in human serum or in 40 g/L albumin solution (human or(More)
Three laboratories in the U.S. and two in the Netherlands determined molar absorptivities (epsilon) of Standard Reference Material (SRM) 916a Bilirubin from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. In caffeine reagent the average epsilon values were 50,060 and 48, 980 L.mol-1.cm-1 at 432 and 457 nm, respectively. The epsilon value of the blue(More)