Robert B. Horwitz

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Corporate mergers and the consolidation of ownership in the American communications arena have long been sources of concern. US regulatory and antitrust policy traditionally attempted to secure a “diversity of voices” structurally, largely through rules regarding ownership. Although the meaning of diversity was always problematic and under-theorized, the(More)
Much has been written about the seeming inexorable march of globalization and the power of global capitalism to mold state policies according to its requirements. Yet the nation-state remains the center of political action and social solidarity. Notwithstanding the transformational power accorded to globalization, any given country's public institutions(More)
criteria of<lb>"socialism" but judged socialist practice<lb>by a semi-mythical<lb>theory and not<lb>by a detailed or penetrating investigation of its practice. Together<lb>with a philosophy of<lb>history which was used to<lb>justify heinous practices of<lb>Marxist-Leninist regimes, this<lb>literary approach condemned relatively decent<lb>constitutional(More)
Rousseau's "On Theatrical<lb>Imitation"<lb>has been ignored by Rousseau<lb>scholars for a good reason. Rousseau<lb>himself gives the reader the initial im pression<lb>that it may not contain his own teaching.<lb>It appears as a kind of<lb>imitation by Rousseau of Plato's Socratic teaching in preparation for the writing of<lb>his Letter to D'Alembert on(More)
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