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Electrocardiographic abnormalities are commonly seen with tumor invasion of the heart. However, most of these abnormalities are nonspecific. Pronounced and prolonged ST segment elevation. In the absence of myocardial infarction occurred in a patient with carcinoma of the lung. Noninvasive cardiac studies suggested the presence of tumor invasion of the(More)
A review of perioperative complications of cardiac procedures at Tampa General Hospital revealed a distinct preoperative finding in several patients having embolism after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). From a total of over 10,000 cardiac catheterization procedures, four patients had ventricular wall motion abnormalities with discrete, mobile,(More)
The anatomy and physiology of the pulmonary vasculature has been described with emphasis on several types of pulmonary hypertension and their pathophysiology. Treatment of pulmonary hypertension may be successful, especially when disease is related to emboli which respond to anticoagulant therapy. Relief of mitral valve obstruction is usually beneficial.(More)
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