Robert B. Haber

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This paper presents a mathematical data model for scientific visualization based on the mathematics of fiber bundles. The findings of previous works are extended to the case of piecewise field representations (associated with grid-based data representations), and a general mathematical model for piecewise representations of fields on irregular grids is(More)
Good morning, and welcome to the panel session o n effective software systems for scientific data visualization. Before we get started, we want to make just a couple o f announcements. The entire proceedings will be taped. Therefore, when you come up during the interactive portion o f the session to ask questions, make sure you come to the mike s in the(More)
1. Abstract We propose a fictitious domain method for topology optimization in which the boundary of the optimal design is identified by a level set of the topological derivative field of the objective function that satisfies a given resource constraint. The response analysis employs a smooth and consistent projection of the geometry onto the fictitious(More)