Robert B. Griffith

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A system for exposing rats to mainstream (MS) and sidestream (SS) smoke simultaneously from the same cigarette, and monitoring procedures, are described in detail. The equipment and procedures were used to expose Sprague-Dawley rats to mainstream smoke and to target deliveries of 10, 25, or 50% of the total SS smoke for 17 weeks. The estimated total(More)
Equipment and procedures for the simultaneous exposure of cell cultures and rodents to mainstream and sidestream smoke are described. Whole smoke or the gas phase of smoke can be generated and manipulated under a wide range of conditions. Identical smoke can be used for the exposure of cell cultures, perfused lungs, and for the exposure of experimental(More)
A system for the simultaneous exposure of monolayer cell cultures to mainstream (MS) and sidestream (SS) smoke from the same cigarette was utilized to study the effects of smoke generation and manipulation variables on the cytotoxicity of smoke to monolayer cultures of mouse fibroblast-like L-929 cells. The cytotoxicity of MS smoke was decreased with(More)
The need for modest quantities of smoke for use in biological studies resulted in the development of a simple machine for smoke analytical studies and total particulate matter (TPM) collection. The machine can be used for the study of mainstream and sidestream smoke and the gas phase of both, with the accuracy and precision of more complex smoking machines.(More)
A procedure for determining the effect of fresh cigarette smoke on gene conversion in yeast. Saccharomyces cerevisiae D7, is described. Cigarette smoke, generated by a 2-sec, 40-ml puff, once per minute, was puffed into an open-end tube. The smoke was drawn through an exposure vessel containing a continuously stirred, stationary-phase yeast cell suspension,(More)
The effect of dietary vitamin E on cellular susceptibility to cigarette smoking was studied in rats. Young male rats maintained on a basal vitamin E-deficient diet with or without 100 ppm vitamin E supplementation for 4 or 5 weeks were exposed to either sham or cigarette smoke for up to 7 days. Higher animal mortality rate was observed in the animals fed(More)
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